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We can arrange transport to and from the airport, bus or train station, or anywhere else you need. Simply book a taxi via our online form and enjoy the convenience of a personal driver.

Enjoy your holiday to the full, save time travelling to our studios and use it to seek out new experiences.

How long does it take to get to our studios?

From Václav Havel Airport

– 18 minutes by car, 36 minutes by public transport

From the main train station
– 9 minutes by car, 25 minutes by public transport

From Florenc bus station
– 10 minutes by car, 23 minutes by public transport

.How to book?

1. Choose the direction and type of transport
2. Check if the address matches your choice
3. Enter all the necessary information into the order form,
including your email address and phone number

4. Confirm the order and check the summary that appears
on the screen

5. You will receive the summary and order confirmation
in an email message (if you don’t have it in your inbox,
check your spam folder)

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